The Advantage of a Baby Playmat

At a young age, you need babies to stay occupied. It not only helps their thinking and creative process but also gives you a moment to breathe. 

A great way to keep crawling babies interested is by buying a play mat. They give kids a protected place to move around the floor, and with the new designs and elements present in the latest ply mats, your infant will remain entertained.

Let us get started with knowing what play mats are and then look at how these playmats are beneficial for kids and parents alike.

What are these playmats?

playmatAlso perceived as a play gym, a kid playmat, an activity gym, a baby gym, a baby carpet or a kid carpet, etc. playmats are soft, lightly colored interactive areas for your infant to stay in as you run a few errands of the day like answering your phone, cooking or doing any other chore.

Is a playmat necessary?

It all depends on your needs. It is a fact that you can not hold your babies all day long, so they need a place to rest. 

But as the infant starts crawling, he likes to move around and explore the world in his own way. At such an age, a playmat helps the child to explore the world while remaining safe from any microbe.

At what age is a playmat helpful?

The fact is that you can start using them from the day the baby is born but to really reap the benefits of playmats, you should start using them by about the third month going up to as far as eighteen months. 

This is about the time they develop better coordination in their reflexes, so they need a place to exercise, and playmats prove to be a sanctuary for them.


What are the benefits of baby playmats?

There are several obvious advantages of buying baby playmats that we shall go through here


1.Better Hand Eye Coordination 

Hand eye coordination is one of the most basic and one of the most important motor skills for any young person.

People who have better hand eye coordination are much better at tasks with mechanical intricacies such as playing sports, driving, doing surgery and being an artist.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that we let our children learn these crucial life skills.

Research has shown that a child can learn anything when they are under five years of age. This is also the age that they develop the most skills for attention to detail and all of the brain mapping is occurring during this time.

Therefore, we need to make sure that our child reaps the maximum benefits of this age and develops skills that puts them apart from the rest of the World.


2.Improved Motor Skills

When the infant rolls, moves around, kicks something, grabs a toy, or throws it away out of disgust, all that helps in developing his motor skills.

He learns to use his muscles as per his requirement and learns to carry out seemingly difficult tasks. When you put your baby with his tummy facing downward, he learns to use his neck and upper body muscles which can be a great prerequisite to the future upper body strength.

This can be a particularly important lesson and precisely why playmats are known as “baby gyms”.


3.Imaginative Patterns and Games stimulate the baby

It is a well known fact that children are the most imaginative beings alive. What we need to be doing, as parents, is enabling them to maximize this ability of theirs.

Therefore, baby gyms are created to include a set of fun activities for them to enjoy, learn, and be imaginative at the same time.

Most of the time, all we see is a block. But for the children, this block can be anything from the Empire State building to a super fast sports car.

Simple things yield the most results when it comes to children. They take even the most drab looking objects and turn them into a world class thriller sequence by the sheer virtue of their imaginative powers.

Therefore, playmats take care of this need for the baby by designing games that can be played as such and yet have enough breathing room for intuitive learning and artistic development of the children.

4.Ideal Diversion for you to get some rest

It is impossible to hold your babies all day long. But that is exactly what babies want earlier on. They cry when you put them down, and you cry when you lift them for hours!

So a decent diversion is to get them to rest on a kid carpet, play around with the toys so that you as a parent can get some well deserved rest. 

Basically, a playmat can be as helpful for you as the baby. It helps you to go through the day easily and then return to give your baby all your undivided attention. 


5.Gives a safe place for baby to move around

It is well known that babies need to have sufficient playtime to develop and grow.

But moving around and playing on the floor can expose the baby to common pathogens and the floor may be wet, hot, or cold, which the baby needs protection from. 

So a play gym provides the baby with a comfortable place to play, roll around and have fun while you can rest assured that it is a safe place for him.


6.Helps with Intellectual Development 

By moving around and playing with different toys of all kinds, infants learn a few extremely important lessons that help with their intellectual and cognitive development.

Some of the lessons include a hands-on knowledge of cause and effect (when they touch an object, it moves in a specific way). 

It also helps the infant recognize all kinds of patterns, colors, shapes of all sizes, and he begins to register them in his mind, which then helps him in the real world.

Our whole world is made of shapes, colors, and patterns so that when a kid gets a working understanding of these elements, understanding the world becomes that much more simple.


What are important things to look for in a baby playmat?

While a baby playmat seems like the perfect investment for the development of your child, there are still some points to keep in mind while you are going for the purchase.


Babymats and Core strength

It goes without saying that babies have the least amount of core strength at the time they start crawling.

They should definitely be aided in some way to maximize their core strength gain. 

Crawling helps develop their core abdominal muscles, their glutes, their shoulders and legs. 

Therefore, it is imperative that we provide them with the incentives to aid them in the development of these muscle groups.

And what better way to accomplish this than making them play with their toys and keeping them interested and busy in the activity.

So, make sure to get those objects that are at the eye level of the baby when he is crawling on his belly to help him increase his body strength.


Interesting Objects

A baby's play gym must have objects that are interesting to look at and play with.

If the toys are some boring and dull looking objects, there is no way a child will even consider going near it, let alone play with it.


Removable Toys

It is recommended to buy playmats that have removable toys. That is because infants can easily become bored with toys, so replacing them with something new and exciting will keep things interesting for the child.

It also allows you to get age-appropriate toys as time passes. 

Also, make sure that you get a baby gym with multiple toy attachment points at different places so that the baby gets to move his neck a lot. This really helps neck development in the long run.


Easy Maintenance

Toys are the things that are meant to be sprawled across the floor. In addition to that, they get subjected to all sorts of treatments from the children themselves.

Therefore, you should look for a play set that is easily washable and easy to clean.

Simple Contrast Colors

You should look for toys that present the most visual appeal to the children.

Simple contrasting colors will help in catching the attention of the children in a much more effective way than drab color schemes.


Age Appropriate Objects

You should realize what age your child is at and what objects he will appreciate the most.

You can achieve this by observing your child's behaviour and attitude towards his other toys and seeing if he is fed up of a certain toy modality.



A baby playmat can be one of the most ideal toy sets for the intellectual growth of your child. It can also give you much needed respite and help with the physical growth of your child.

So, try to get a toy set that will have the most efficient learning and development outcomes for your child at that age.

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